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10 emitters, switches, handles, and pommels (one curved)
Thousands of combinations are available.

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The following Licence Agreement underlines the terms of use and purchase of a product.


The term “product” refers to a digital or physical asset or creative media created and solely owned by the creator

The term “creator” refers to the original creator of the product(s), Greendev828@gmail.com 

The term “customer” refers to an individual, corporation, entity, partnership, charity, or otherwise established organisation, who, in cooperation with the creator, agrees on, and purchases a licence to use a product for its purpose.

The term “purpose” refers to the extent to which a customer may use the product, as expressed in this licence. The purpose of any product is to act as a virtual addition to a creative expression owned by the customer, whether it be in the form of a game, image, video, or any other form of digital or physical media.

Agreed Terms

  1. The terms of use below show the licence the customer holds when purchasing a product. Delivery of product(s) will be sent to the email used to make the initial payment, in the form of an uploaded google drive access link with respective product(s) inside. 

  2. Any and all product(s) are accompanied with a non-exclusive licence for the single customer purchasing it. All product(s) are single use and are limited to a single customer at any given time. Any updates or changes of use (by a customer) must be formally requested via email to the creator with 7 days notice. The creator reserves the right to accept or decline any such requests to his discretion.

  3. Customers have non-exclusive, royalty free use of products to, present, adapt, display, create derivative works of, and otherwise utilise in order to develop, improve, adapt, or modify their personal or commercial creative expressions, as expressed under the definition of the term “purpose”. Any such adaptations will share the same licence as the original product. Customers may not lease, sublet, sell (or by any means attempt to),licence, or otherwise distribute any product, whether whole, or in part, to any third party under any circumstances. Customers may only distribute products in aid of their purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, distributing products to other managing members in an organisation in order to create derivative works. Any distribution within an organisation must be entirely necessary for the purpose to be carried out. The creator holds sole discretion in determining what is entirely necessary to fulfil the purpose. Reasonable care and security must be employed in the case of distribution, as well as a declaration of distribution emailed to the creator with seven (7) days notice, and the creator reserves the right to accept or decline any such distributions to his discretion. The customer acknowledges that they are liable for any such distributions, and any mistreatment of the purpose (as expressed in this agreement or otherwise to a reasonable degree) is the responsibility of the customer.

  4. Both the customer and the creator understand that a failure or a delay of any given time to acknowledge any part of this agreement does not act as a waiver and this licence will become effective on the receipt of payment. Furthermore both the creator and the customer understand that this agreement will last indefinitely unless written notice is provided by the creator, via email, with at least seven (7) days notice.

  5. If at any point the terms and conditions expressed under this agreement are breached or otherwise compromised, the creator reserves the right to terminate, or suspend the licence a customer holds. In the event of a removal of a customer’s licence, no replacement or compensation of any kind, whether monetary or otherwise, will be provided to the customer. In the event of a licence removal the customer will lose all right(s) as expressed in section 2 and 3, and will be provided email notice accordingly. The creator reserves the right to suspend or terminate a customer’s licence at any time, for any reason, to his discretion.

  6. On arrival of a product, a customer waives all right to refund or replace, in part or in whole, any aspect of a purchased product. Furthermore by purchasing a product the customer acknowledges that they understand fully, the terms and conditions expressed in this agreement, and are capable and legally allowed to make a purchase on behalf of themselves or an organisation they belong to. A product may only be refunded in the period of time between the payment of such products and their delivery. This may be up to one (1) business day, depending on the circumstance. If a product is not delivered or is not to a satisfactory standard to fulfil its purpose, the customer may request either a replacement or refund of their initial payment,from the creator, by email, with a seven (7) day notice. In the event of a product being replaced, the customer’s rights to use the product are only granted on the replaced product and not the original. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are purchasing the correct and intended product. A refund or replacement, as described previously, will not be granted on the basis of a customer purchasing the wrong product.

  7. A customer will only receive a product once the full payment has been received by the creator. Failed, or otherwise incomplete payments will not be addressed and products will be withheld until the payment is corrected and complete. Products will be sent via a google drive link, or an email attachment, to the email of the purchasing customer. The customer that purchases the product is responsible and liable for the security of the files. The file format that products will arrive in will be one (1) or multiple of the following: .obj .png .rbxl .rbxm .ssp .blend .fbx .jpeg .psd .zip , in conjunction with section 1 of this agreement.

  8. By purchasing a product, a customer agrees that they have read, understood, accepted, and voluntarily agreed with the terms and conditions expressed in this agreement. Under no circumstances may a customer waive or reject this agreement in part or in full. Any externally enforced termination or otherwise compromisation of this agreement, whether by law or otherwise will immediately revoke any existing licence held by a customer without compensation of any form.



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