Coruscant City

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– Large Map

– 2 Borders

– Undercity

– Cantina

– Republic Base

– Hangars

– And more!

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This Coruscant map is a huge map containing 2 different borders, a cantina, an undercity, a Republic base, hangars, stores, and lots more! The border is a one booth border with a massive city on the other side. The undercity is split into two different sections. In the main city, there are multiple shops. There are two gun shops and 2 empty shops so you can put what you want in it. There is also enough room on the map for speeders/vehicles, jetpacks, capture points, etc. The Republic base contains offices for Officers in your group. It also contains a training/obby area, a rally place, Republic Intelligence office, a cantina, and an office made for the Supreme Chancellor.


The map is NOT SCRIPTED. You must script everything yourself. The map comes with the map and only the map, no scripts.


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