Alderaan Outskirts

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Alderaan outskirts includes:

– Cozy and well detailed spawn for Grand Army personnel and members with different teleports leading to different rooms (Teleports not provided)

– Includes a parkour area, you access to there via a portal in spawn ( big one, quite complicated and enough room for spectators, etc. )

– Unfinished combat practice ( needs teleport and menu for it to function by roperly ) area for Grand Army personnel ( the idea was to make them teleport to there via portal in spawn, once they do that, they can choose team and start fighting/practicing )

– Next to spawn, once you come out there is a shop area. Going further on the path surrounded by civilian housing you come to our border and city wall which is separating nature with city and enemies with us.

– A little bit further down the forest, where a crash land is, is a visitor spawn, close to it there is a hidden entrance for them to sneak inside the city. They come out at the back of the city where it’s mostly only decorations, going a bit more further there are again civilian housing, and close to this is a Coruscant Guards and Red Guards Headquarters ( this consists meeting place, landing pad, rally place, jail/prison, locker room ).

– On the right of the headquarters there is a landing place where imperial air force or something like that would be able to spawn their planes.

– On the left of headquarters there is a senate building and officer academy (No interior). It has pads for trainings for officers and senate guards.

– Forward going to border there is a training grounds for all personnel and basically rally place

– Moving back to forest, there are capture points around the map for personnel and enemies to capture

– Once the road ends there is a big lake and on the other side of it there is a enemy spawn


In short, the interior and some areas the map has are:

HQ interior – Meeting room, Prison, Rally Room, Landing Pad;

Spawn Interior – Entrance Room, training room, Parkour Area;

Senate and OA, rally area, no interior;

Separatist spawn area/interior;

Air force grounds.

Training Combat Ground (Needs to be set up manually by teleports)


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