Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ List for Customers

1. I bought something on, how do I receive the files?

You receive the files in your email from “Nikoverc” after the order is completed, check your spam folder if you haven’t received an email just in case.

2. I bought something on but didn’t receive the files/the order is processing/on hold/partially paid, what should I do?

This may happen due to multiple reasons, first one being that the order didn’t get processed or is on hold, it may happen when the seller doesn’t have a business PayPal account and uses their personal one, which causes the orders to be stuck at processing; on hold or partially paid even after you have fully paid already. In these cases, you can contact the seller and/or wait till Nikoverc himself processes all the orders, which happens at least once every 24 hours.
Another reason why you may not have received a file even after the order is completed is because the seller forgot to make the product downloadable, or accidentally put a limitation on downloads that will cause customers to see a text saying they have no access to download the files; if that is the case, you will need to contact the seller directly, not Nikoverc, and if you don’t receive the file from them you can use PayPal’s dispute option to get a refund from the seller. (Nikoverc can not assist you in refunds since the payments are done directly from the customer to the seller).

3. The product was not as described or I have issues with the item I bought, where can I get help?

Any issues/concerns/questions regarding the products should be addressed to the sellers, not Nikoverc (unless Nikoverc is the one selling the product). If you believe the product was not as described, you can use PayPal’s dispute option to get a refund from the seller. (Nikoverc can not assist you in refunds since the payments are done directly from the customer to the seller).

4. Will the products I purchase be taken down after a single sale?

No, the marketplace is supposed to work with assets that are supposed to be sold multiple times, not as a one-time sale. You can ask the seller of the product you’re interested in and arrange something like this privately, however we won’t encourage that for safety reasons.

FAQ List for Sellers

1. I’ve waited for over 24 hours for the product I added to be reviewed, and so far it still hasn’t been published or deleted, what is the reason?

The reason for products being stuck at “pending review” for more then 24 hours is that the digital product was missing a crucial part, like a downloadable file or a picture showcasing the product. If your product is stuck at Pending review for more then 24 hours you should make sure that all of the necessary information has been filled out, since after the next check which will happen, which is 48 hours after the initial uploading of the product, it will be deleted if it is still missing a downloadable file or an image.

2. The product I wanted to publish was deleted after 48 hours of being stuck at “pending review”, why did that happen?

Pending review products are deleted after 48 hours of initial upload if they’re still missing crucial parts like downloadable files or images, this is explained more thoroughly in the question above.

3. It doesn’t let me upload a downloadable file to a product saying it is an incorrect file type, what does it mean?

Only .zip files can be uploaded in that section, in order to put your .rbxl/.blend/.obj file you’ll first need to extract it into a .zip file, which is very easy to do and just a single search for a tutorial will be enough if you don’t already know how to do it. Another way to make a file downloadable is simply putting links leading to other platforms which allow you to upload and save files, like google drive. Although, it isn’t recommended.

4. I’ve received a new order, but the order is on hold/still processing, even though I received the money, why does that happen?

Any issues associated with orders being on hold, stuck at processing, or even your money being put on hold on PayPal is in majority of cases the reason of the seller not using a PayPal Business account to sell online. Personal; basic PayPal accounts are simply not meant for online automated marketplaces like this, causing a lot of problems to the customer and the seller. You may need to manually change the order status of your new orders from processing/on-hold to completed in order for your customers to receive the files; your money may be put on hold for 21 days by PayPal, you may not even be able to accept payments at all, and so on.

5. I’ve received a new order but it has been cancelled, why did that happen?

Cancelled orders can mean a multitude of things, for example: The customer decided not to pay for the order after already going through the whole checkout process; or the customer tried to pay for it but for some reason the payment was not accepted, reasons for that may be insufficient balance/locked PayPal account/Unauthorized payments, etc.

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