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The Discord server serves as a way of communication between sellers/customers/other interested in Nikoverc , it can be utilized to advertise your own businesses/servers/projects, post your own creations, attend giveaways, get discount coupons for the store with a number of ways, etc. The server is also were the updates regarding Nikoverc are posted, like changes to the website, Nikoverc’s commission status updates, new products, events, etc.

Server Boosters get 10% off unlimited uses discount coupon for Nikoverc’s Store as long as they’re boosting the server. Invite rewards can also provide discount coupons: 5 Invites – 10%; 10 Invites – 15%; 20 Invites – 25%; 30 Invites – 40%; 50 Invites – Free Product.
Reaching 30 Invites also grants you the @Sponsor role.

The server does not have any specific rules, but you must abide by the official Discord TOS in order to be there- https://discord.com/terms; Any hostile actions not necessarily included in Discord’s TOS will be treated as fit with timeouts/kicks/bans.

Self-Assignable Roles
Check 👤-roles channel for all the self assignable roles the server offers.

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