Commission TOS

Nikoverc’s Commission Terms of Service

Delivery of digital assets will be sent via the email used to make the initial payment. All assets are single use and are limited to a single game or entity at a given time. Any removals or changes of use must be emailed to with 7 days notice. Acceptance or declination is completely subjective and to Nikoverc’s discretion. All custom made assets are accompanied with exclusive license to the assets. Customers have royalty free use of products, however may not distribute to anyone outside of the entity either commercially or non-commercially. Customers are free to use assets for promotional material such as advertisements and/or artworks belonging to the entity as long as distribution of assets is solely for that purpose. Any other distribution, sub-licensing, or misuse of assets (to my discretion) will result in termination of license and all assets and permission to use them will be revoked without any form of refund or compensation/replacement. All ownership rights are strictly reserved to Nikoverc and not the customer unless specifically stated otherwise.

Due to the nature of custom creation of assets, a 50% upfront fee is required. For a single asset one or more payments will be made, labelled as “Upfront Payment”, invoices will be sent to the customer and the terms of service will be included. Neither of the payments are refundable under any circumstances at any time unless the asset’s creation is not yet started, and by paying for an asset you agree you are authorized to make any payments and abide by all legal requirements to transfer money in your respective country. Furthermore any mistreatment of assets (for example, modifying them to present hurtful/derogatory messages, etc.) will result in immediate termination and all license of use removed. Mistreatment is to be decided at Nikoverc’s discretion and action taken will not result in refund/replacement.

Custom assets will be tailored to the customer’s desire and will be matched as closely as possible to their wants. Although assets will be matched as closely as possible to what the customer requires, there may be small discrepancies and/or minor errors to the assets. Any major errors that negatively affect the visual appearance or performance of an asset will be fixed free of charge before assets are sent. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are happy with the asset before it is sent, and multiple previews and examples will be shown to give them the best representation of the end product. Customers must show some form of referenceable material for assets to be compared to, otherwise assets will be made using Nikoverc’s own creative direction and will be ineligible for major changes.

Assets will be sent in one or multiple of the following file types, to the email the invoice was sent to. 

.obj .rbxl .rbxm .blend .fbx

Instant Delivery via Email
No Seller or Customer Fees
Safe & Secure Payment